Termite & Pest Control Software for Your PC or Mac

Bugbase termite & pest softwareMac or PC? The ongoing debate rages ever on back and forth between computer geeks, business owners, & throughout the general public the world over. Lucky for Bugbase users, you don’t have to choose. Yes, it is true that Bugbase termite software is indeed a Windows program, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to only running it on a Windows computer. If you are a pest control operator and are facing the dilemma of whether to manage your business with a Windows or Mac computer system, you can feel free to choose whatever you feel most comfortable using on a daily basis. Use both if you want!

How is it possible to run a Windows program on a Mac, you ask? There are several different options to choose from, but we suggest Parallels Desktop for Mac. Installing this software on your Mac computer will enable you to run any Windows program simultaneously with Mac programs, including Bugbase, without having to reboot. Right now, the base price of this software is going for about $80. If you are a Mac lover then setting up Parallels is definitely worth it to be able to use your Bugbase program as well as any other Windows programs you enjoy.

Find out more about Bugbase, California’s #1 termite report writer, here: http://www.bugbase.com

For more information about Parallels Desktop software go here: http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop

Pest Control Software with Integrated Lead Management

amazing-beevioLead management is a very important aspect of maintaining a successful business especially in today’s increasingly competitive environment. In the pest and termite industry every new lead counts, and the information, quote, or inspection that is requested needs to be acknowledged as soon as possible. You want your potential customers to be engaged in communication with your company right from the start so that you receive the best return on your advertising investments.

Your lead management program requires good strategy on your part if your company is to get the very most out of it. This will take some effort and research so that you find the most helpful way to manage your leads because just sending out mass general emails to new customers will not suffice to give you the results you want. Customized personal attention is what people are looking for today from services they are interested in receiving, so you need reliable lead management  software that can help you deliver the exceptional service that your future customers are seeking out.

Integrated lead management is an essential component to any good pest software, and Beevio gives you just that. In the all new Beevio mobile pest software you can easily manage your incoming leads and convert them right into work orders. You are in control with lead management in Beevio by being able to choose to alert certain people by different pop up alerts within the program, emails, or even text messages. Different alerts can be sent out according to a specific time and day of the week. Whether you are out in the field, or at the office, you can always track your leads and schedule new appointments so your response time remains quick and you don’t miss a beat.

One of the greatest ways to stay connected with your customers (old and new) as well as keeping up your brand recognition is through e-marketing. Of course, this process starts with good lead capture and follow-up procedures. At Aceapp we can build custom lead capture forms for your company website that connects right to your online Beevio database. If you have several websites the system will tell you where each lead is coming from so there’s no guessing games. Easy set up, smart managing, mobile access, clean viewing – that’s Beevio. So take control of your leads today with integrated lead management and simplify how you manage your pest business with Beevio.

Find out more here: http://www.beevio.com/features.php

Pest Control Software Beevio

Pest Control Software Review – Beevio
It’s finally here, Beevio was officially released on Jan. 1st 2013. The buzz is spreading across the US that finally a completely fresh take on pest control software has been developed specifically for the pest control industry. Aceapp could have just updated it’s existing Bugbase software to be web based, instead everything was carefully planned out and re-created from scratch. Developing the new pest control software from the ground up gave Aceapp the ability to structure the program for speed and mobility. Beevio’s tagline is Pest Management Simplified and it is absolutely correct. Aceapp will be releasing a ton of new features for Beevio over the next year that are aimed at saving time and simplifying the daily processes of managing a pest control company.

Pest Management Software

Choosing the right pest management software solution for your business is a very important decision.  Choosing the wrong pest management software can bring you daily headaches.  However, choosing the right pest control software will make your business run smooth and save you tons of time.

The Bugbase development team is always looking for new ways of making our software do more to save you time and money.   Our all new web based pest control software solution is getting great reviews.  The new system is packed full of incredible new features yet it is simpler than every to use.   If you are in the market for new pest control management software we invite you to take a free test drive of Bugbase.

California Termite Report Writer

Need an easy to use California Termite Report Writer.  Try Bugbase and find out why so many California Termite Control Companies prefer our system.  California’s best termite and pest control software gets better every year and we have created an all new web based mobile version.  Our goal is to stay at the forefront of pest control management software and give our customers cutting edge technology to run their pest control operations.

We know the California Termite Report requires extensive industry knowledge to properly comply with the California Pest Control Act.  Bugbase comes ready to go with all the required legal statements and a full range of findings and recommendations to get you started quick.

Bugbase’s California Termite Report Writer supports easy customization of your default legal statements that automatically print on every report, unlimited findings, recommendations, and custom notes.

If you care about the look and cleanliness of the termite reports you issue then Bugbase is for you.  Bugbase is known for the best looking termite reports in California.  We take special care to make sure your logo is sized correctly and prints as clean as possible.  Bugbase supports digital signatures for issuing signed PDF reports and faxing directly from your computer.

Diagrams are made simple with Bugbase Sketch built into our program.  Our custom drawing program is made specifically to draw termite report diagrams quick and easy.  The tools in Bugbase Sketch are unlike any other program.  One of the most popular features is our Finding Placer.   Only a demo will show just how fun this feature is to use, not to mention the time it saves.

Bugbase come with a 3 month free trial.  Give us a call for a quick demo at (800) 337-2818.  For more information visit www.bugbase.com

5 Star Pest Control Software Review

I’ve recommended Bugbase to several other companies over the past 5 years without any regret.  Not only does the software deliver but the support staff at Aceapp is always there to help.  Bugbase for California is the best pest management software available for California.  Bugbase was originally developed only for California and it shows.  The termite report writing system has all the bells and whistles and is super easy to use.  Our reports look great printed, faxed, and e-mailed.  If you are looking for pest control management software or a great termite report writing program you need to take a test drive of Bugbase.  You won’t be disappointed.  5 Stars for Bugbase!

I can finally write termite reports myself

A few years ago I was looking to scale back and just run my company from my truck and cell phone.  No secretary, no office space, no employees, no overhead.  Just one problem, I’m not a computer user and I don’t type.  I knew I didn’t want to keep using the old software program I had because I could never figure it out.  When I found Bugbase I was thrilled because I finally found a pest control software that I could use myself.  Even with my slow 2 finger pecking method I can type a report myself.  The termite report writer is mostly clicking the mouse, selecting text from menus and the greatest part is drawing the diagrams.  I would have never thought drawing diagrams would be the fun part of writing termite reports but with Bugbase that’s the case.  Easy to learn, easy to use, that’s Bugbase.

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