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I can finally write termite reports myself

A few years ago I was looking to scale back and just run my company from my truck and cell phone.  No secretary, no office space, no employees, no overhead.  Just one problem, I’m not a computer user and I don’t type.  I knew I didn’t want to keep using the old software program I had because I could never figure it out.  When I found Bugbase I was thrilled because I finally found a pest control software that I could use myself.  Even with my slow 2 finger pecking method I can type a report myself.  The termite report writer is mostly clicking the mouse, selecting text from menus and the greatest part is drawing the diagrams.  I would have never thought drawing diagrams would be the fun part of writing termite reports but with Bugbase that’s the case.  Easy to learn, easy to use, that’s Bugbase.

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