California Termite Report Writer

Need an easy to use California Termite Report Writer.  Try Bugbase and find out why so many California Termite Control Companies prefer our system.  California’s best termite and pest control software gets better every year and we have created an all new web based mobile version.  Our goal is to stay at the forefront of pest control management software and give our customers cutting edge technology to run their pest control operations.

We know the California Termite Report requires extensive industry knowledge to properly comply with the California Pest Control Act.  Bugbase comes ready to go with all the required legal statements and a full range of findings and recommendations to get you started quick.

Bugbase’s California Termite Report Writer supports easy customization of your default legal statements that automatically print on every report, unlimited findings, recommendations, and custom notes.

If you care about the look and cleanliness of the termite reports you issue then Bugbase is for you.  Bugbase is known for the best looking termite reports in California.  We take special care to make sure your logo is sized correctly and prints as clean as possible.  Bugbase supports digital signatures for issuing signed PDF reports and faxing directly from your computer.

Diagrams are made simple with Bugbase Sketch built into our program.  Our custom drawing program is made specifically to draw termite report diagrams quick and easy.  The tools in Bugbase Sketch are unlike any other program.  One of the most popular features is our Finding Placer.   Only a demo will show just how fun this feature is to use, not to mention the time it saves.

Bugbase come with a 3 month free trial.  Give us a call for a quick demo at (800) 337-2818.  For more information visit

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