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Pest Control Software Beevio

Pest Control Software Review – Beevio
It’s finally here, Beevio was officially released on Jan. 1st 2013. The buzz is spreading across the US that finally a completely fresh take on pest control software has been developed specifically for the pest control industry. Aceapp could have just updated it’s existing Bugbase software to be web based, instead everything was carefully planned out and re-created from scratch. Developing the new pest control software from the ground up gave Aceapp the ability to structure the program for speed and mobility. Beevio’s tagline is Pest Management Simplified and it is absolutely correct. Aceapp will be releasing a ton of new features for Beevio over the next year that are aimed at saving time and simplifying the daily processes of managing a pest control company.

5 Star Pest Control Software Review

I’ve recommended Bugbase to several other companies over the past 5 years without any regret.  Not only does the software deliver but the support staff at Aceapp is always there to help.  Bugbase for California is the best pest management software available for California.  Bugbase was originally developed only for California and it shows.  The termite report writing system has all the bells and whistles and is super easy to use.  Our reports look great printed, faxed, and e-mailed.  If you are looking for pest control management software or a great termite report writing program you need to take a test drive of Bugbase.  You won’t be disappointed.  5 Stars for Bugbase!

I can finally write termite reports myself

A few years ago I was looking to scale back and just run my company from my truck and cell phone.  No secretary, no office space, no employees, no overhead.  Just one problem, I’m not a computer user and I don’t type.  I knew I didn’t want to keep using the old software program I had because I could never figure it out.  When I found Bugbase I was thrilled because I finally found a pest control software that I could use myself.  Even with my slow 2 finger pecking method I can type a report myself.  The termite report writer is mostly clicking the mouse, selecting text from menus and the greatest part is drawing the diagrams.  I would have never thought drawing diagrams would be the fun part of writing termite reports but with Bugbase that’s the case.  Easy to learn, easy to use, that’s Bugbase.