Sample Reports

Inspection Report

California’s WDO inspection report is very regulated by the Structural Pest Control Board. There are very specific requirements for the many report types you can make. Having a program that can easily handle all the different requirements is imperative to keeping you in good standing with the board. Bugbase is designed unlike any other software, its unique approach to report writing brings unprecedented ease and flexibility to report writing. You’ll be shocked by how fast you can prepare a complicated report with professional results.

Completion Report

With Bugbase, completion reports are quick and easy. If you have ever found yourself wanting to get a completion out quick, you’re going to love Bugbase. Completions take a matter of seconds to complete. A few clicks and it’s ready to print.

Invoices are a snap. When your ready to invoice the customer, just a few clicks gets it done. We’ve made it as quick and easy as possible while still allowing for more in-depth billing when needed. For instance, there are times that you may need to bill 2 or 3 different parties for the same job. An escrow clearance for a condo could have you billing the escrow for one amount and the home owners association for another amount. On top of that, the owner may have asked you to do something extra while your crew is out at the property but he wants to be billing separately. Bugbase can handle this with ease and keep it all organized for you.

Paid statement

Statements are similar to invoices except they show payments that have been applied to the invoice and what the balance due is at the time that the statement is printed.

Chemical Report Summary

Our chemical report for reporting usage to the county agriculture departments is ready to go. At the end of each month, all you need to do is print them and send them off to each county you’re registered in. You can also use our export and upload file system to report chemical usage directly to the online Cal Ag system.

Detailed Chemical Report

The detailed chemical report will show you the job numbers, addresses, and the chemicals applied to each job.

Sales by Inspector

There are many sales reports available to help you analyze your company. Sales by Inspector shows you the total amount of billing sorted by field rep. for a given date range.

Invoice Aging

The Invoice Aging report will give a quick overview of past due accounts. It displays and totals invoices that are due 30-60-90 and over 90 days late.