Apply a Payment

Before a payment can be applied in Bugbase, make sure that the job has an invoice already created. If not, please refer to: How to Create a WDO Invoice

To apply a payment, go to: Receivables > Payment Posting

The Post Date at the top should already have today’s date. First, click the MOP (Method of Payment) box and select an option using the drop-down button.

Next, type in the Detail box any pertinent information such as a check number. Type in the numerical amount being paid in Payment Amt. and after inputting the Invoice #, the Billed Party Name and Balance fields should auto complete. Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to create a second line to post another payment. Click OK at the bottom to complete the payment posting.


It is recommended you do not post more than 10-15 payments at a time within the Payment Posting window before clicking OK at the bottom, so as not to overwhelm the system.