Bugbase Freezing

If your Bugbase program is freezing while you are trying to work in it, try the following solutions:

First, check the amount of RAM (installed memory) your computer holds by going to: Control Panel > View by: Small icons > System

If you have less than 500MB, consider keeping other applications closed when working in Bugbase, or upgrade the amount of RAM.

If your computer has plenty of memory, then try this:

In Bugbase, go to: Schedule > Scheduling PrefsĀ and make sure the IP Address and Port fields are blank. If they’re not, delete the text in those fields, click OK, and close and reopen Bugbase.

Lastly, your anti-virus software could be constantly scanning files on your computer (including Bugbase) which could be the cause of the program freezing. If so, exceptions for Bugbase files need to be configured within the settings of the anti-virus software to prevent slowness and freezing in Bugbase.


If you have installed a new anti-virus software onto your computer and are experiencing problems with Bugbase, please call us at 800-337-2818 to get help configuring the exception settings in it for Bugbase.